Hospital Cleaning

Why choose us for your medical facility cleaning? Because you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Medical and healthcare facilities demand the highest level of cleanliness and sanitization. We have highly qualified and experienced janitorial teams ready to exceed your expectations.

Our hospital and medical specialist cleaners follow a strict color-coding system on all equipment and materials. By adhering to the color-system, staff are able to contain the spread of bacteria or germs while cleaning.

Just some of the medical and healthcare facilities we clean include:

  • Private hospitals, medical clinics and specialists’ offices.
  • Physiotherapists, dentists, orthodontists and osteopaths
  • Myotherapists, chiropractors and podiatrists

Guaranteed top-level janitorial cleaning services for your hospital or clinic.

Our specialist staff recruitment process ensures that our medical cleaning staff are fully trained and maintain follow-through, an excellent eye for detail and absolute cleanliness.

Medical and hospital cleaning requires adherence to strict protocols and cleaning standards. Our experienced hospital cleaners understand how to behave in a sensitive environment where they may be working whilst patients or medical staff are present. They understand the need for patient privacy and are professional, reliable and discreet.

Our medical facility and hospital cleaning services include:

  • Examination rooms
  • Sterile environment cleaning
  • Operating theatres
  • Pathology cleaning services
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Low and high-risk areas
  • Remedial therapy rooms and rehabilitation exercise areas

Tell us about your facility’s unique requirements and we’ll produce a customized quote. Get a quick quote today or call 251-320-0811 to speak to one of our sales consultants.