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Cleaning Company

We don’t just clean your work place or home, we Tip Top Clean.

Using effective and green cleaning methods we sanitize and make your space spotless and flawless.

Don’t tire yourself out when you can hire professionals who do it best.

When you pick Tip Top, you get a superior quality cleaning service ensuring that you are left with a spotless home or workplace. No matter what place you have, whether a small apartment or a full sized office space, our friendly staff works tirelessly to deliver unmatched cleaning prowess.

Tiptop offers a variety of residential and commercial cleaning services that allow you to choose the right type of cleaning for your place. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and reliable cleaning products, our services are intended to create a clean and healthy environment for your loved ones and employees. Moreover, we use a color-coded cleaning method to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination and make your premises free from bacteria, viruses, microbes, and other hazardous substances or organisms.

Pursuing the highest standards of personalized cleaning services, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. 

  • Committed to building a customized cleaning service that meets your specific needs.
  • Thorough examination of our work to assure its comprehensiveness.
  • Caring for each of our customer’s need individually.

Our Mission

To offer superior quality residential and commercial cleaning service by exceeding the expectations of our clients, and at the same time keeping the environment clean with the use of reliable, eco-friendly products.

Our Approach

Our eco-friendly methods allow us to take care of your residential and commercial properties as well as the environment around us using cleaning products that do not harm the habitat we live in and the air we breathe.

Additionally we:

  • Provide comprehensive and customized cleaning services.
  • Provide solutions that meet every client’s specifications and demands.
  • Use chemicals that do not leave any lingering odors.
  • Offer consistent quality assurance in every cleaning project.

The Founder’s words

“The objective behind the company has always been to provide a healthy environment where you and your loved ones can live cheerfully and with satisfaction. In this objective, my mother has always played an important role. For over two decades, she has cleaned homes and office buildings. My Mom, Helen Kimble, was my inspiration for starting my very own cleaning service. And, after setting up my own cleaning company, she joins me a shoulder to shoulder in exceeding customers’ expectations. Robustness, never-quit attitude, persistent exertion—are some of the many qualities I inherited from this great lady who sacrificed her entire for bringing me to this point where I can exert myself to bring healthy environment for you and your loved ones”.


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